A grassroots advocacy group dedicated to the preservation of our healthy non-infested trees.
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You may contact us by e-mailing 

When contributing to the defense fund, please make checks payable to
Bethel ALB Citizens Cooperative, Inc.
and mail to;

General mail can go to;
Bethel ALB CC, Inc.
P.O. Box 148
Bethel, OH 45106

(513) 734-1345

To receive the most up-to-date information regarding Bethel ALB CC meetings and information,
have your e-mail address added to our e-mail list. 
Please send your name and e-mail address with the subject line "contact me" to

Other Contact Information

ALB Office in Amelia - (513) 381-7180

Questions on Quarantine Compliance - Jonathan Shields - (614) 381-8006
or call the Amelia Office (listed above)

Ohio Department of Agriculture (ask for Division of Plant Health) 1-800-282-1955

Davey Tree Project Manager - Matt DiBona - (513) 226-9138

Attorney, Brian O'Connell
Strauss Troy Co. LPA
Federal Reserve Bldg.
150 E. Fourth St.

Cincinnati, OH 45202
513-629-9451 Office        513-241-8259 FAX
(Please note that calls requesting legal advise are billable to the caller.)

Do you have a complaint about USDA personnel on your property? 

You may report to the Office of Inspector General via this e-mail address: 
Any instances of USDA employee misconduct, lack of cooperation, belligerence, incompetence or hostility should be reported. In your email please include details such as:

  • Who committed the wrongdoing (name of the person and/or description)?

  • What exactly did the individual(s) do?

  • Where did the alleged activity take place (your address)?

  • When did the alleged activity take place (date and time)?

  • Witnesses, if any, who can verify the allegations?

  You will need to include your property address, email address and telephone number in the complaint. 
Also copy in so we can track instances and follow up with the USDA if you do not receive a prompt reply.